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Georgia is an ideal country for shooting an advertisement or a movie. Here you will find Alpine mountains, subtropics, the sea, and even the semi-desert area - all in one place. There are modern cities and at the same time authentic mountain settlements, almost like in the Middle Ages. 


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The filming process is devoid of bureaucratic obstacles, you don't have to pay anything for most locations, and if you do, it's a small amount of money.

Georgia is a country with a rich cinematic past, there are still film pavilions, and the professional level of technical film staff is rapidly increasing in the country. VIRUSI will help you organize a full cycle of filming: from scouting to even postproduction. Obtaining permits for filming at almost any facility, casting, scouting, accommodation, technical equipment, equipment of technical personnel and much more – VIRUSI will be your guide in the world of filming in Georgia.

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